Massive anger among the Ismaili fans after the loss of Raja … and the club president refuses to resign

A state of extreme anger prevailed within the governorate of Ismailia, the stronghold of the Egyptian Ismaili club, after leaving the Arab Clubs Championship, and the humiliating loss to Raja Casablanca of Morocco by 3-0, in the match that was held Monday evening at the Malacht Stadium in Morocco.

Large numbers of Ismaili fans gathered, as for the club’s headquarters, to demand the departure of Ibrahim Othman, the club’s president and the rest of the board members, due to the poor results of the team, for the second consecutive season, and the failure to sign strong deals, in addition to the failure to bring in a strong technical manager.

The Ismaili fans, Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, called for a speedy intervention to save the club, especially in light of the repeated failure of the club’s management, in light of the many losses that the football team suffered two seasons ago.

Large numbers gathered in front of the Ismailia Stadium, forcing the security to intervene to disperse these protests, as the Director of Ismailia Security pushed the riot groups in the Central Security and Ismailia security forces to disperse the protesters against the club’s board of directors.

The protesters chanted slogans: “The club is lost, the club is lost – we will not walk, go away.”, Denouncing the club’s board of directors headed by Engineer Ibrahim Othman, after the big loss to Moroccan Raja.

A source in the Ismaili club revealed that Ibrahim Othman, the club’s president, refused to resign from his post, despite pressure from some of Osman’s associates, but the latter refused to leave his position.

The source confirmed that Ibrahim Othman would continue until the end of his term, despite the events that took place in the vicinity of the Ismailia Stadium, due to the descent of the Darwish fans yesterday, demanding the departure of the administration after the defeat of Raja.

Moroccan Raja qualified for the final of the Arab Championship after winning a hat-trick scored by Mohsen Metwally from the penalty spot, Malango and Mahmoud Benhalib in the 60, 67, and 86 minutes so that the Moroccan team climbed to the final of the Arab Championship to face Al-Ittihad Jeddah, which had succeeded in ascending after the elimination of its young fellow countryman.

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