Saudi Dakar Rally 2021 begins tomorrow

The Saudi Dakar Rally 2021, which is hosted by the Kingdom for the second year in a row, will start tomorrow for a period of 13 days during the period from January 3 to 15 and is organized by the Ministry of Sports, in coordination with the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, to achieve Vision 2030 and the Quality of Life Program.

The contestants cross 10 Saudi cities during 12 different stages, in the governorates, cities, and regions of the Kingdom, interspersed with a day of rest in the city of Hail, with a distance of 7,600 km.

Preliminary stage: Jeddah – 11 kilometers

The organizing committee of the Saudi Dakar Rally 2021 granted all contestants an area for the short competition today, Saturday, through the preliminary stage, in preparation for entering the atmosphere of the actual competition that begins tomorrow, Sunday, as the participants covered a distance of 129 km in total, and 11 km in the special track.

The “first” stage (Jeddah – Bisha):

The rally competitions start from Jeddah governorate towards Bisha, on challenging paths, through many valleys and picturesque rocky areas, with a distance of 622 km, interspersed with a special stage estimated at 277 km.

The second stage (Bisha – Wadi Al-Dawasir):

Through an area full of sand dunes, with a total distance of 685 km, interspersed with a special stage of 457 km, the competitors in the International Grand Rally set out from Bisha to Wadi Al-Dawasir, trying to overcome the difficulties of this stage, which includes a lot of off-road, before reaching again on sandy paths.

The third stage (Wadi Al-Dawasir):

The official gate of the Empty Quarter, in which the competitors will face the high sand dunes, which need special tactics during the races, and the stage is a real opportunity for the participants to expand the difference with their competitors.

The distance of this stage is 630 km, with a special stage covered by the participants, which is 403 km.

Fourth stage (Wadi Al-Dawasir – Riyadh):

This is the “longest” stage in the race in general if the bonding section is calculated, as the stage is 813 km, of which a special stage is 337 km, and the varied mix of tracks will be a reason for not giving the participants any time to rest, and mistakes during this stage It may cause a significant decline since these paths are considered transitional stages.

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