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Officially .. Al-Jazeera, the UAE, announces the signing of Brandley Coase for the end of the season

The UAE club Al-Jazira announced that it has formally signed a contract with Winger Brandley Coase, coming from Al-Nasr, on loan until the end of the current season.

Winger Coase is absent from participating with Al-Jazira in the Al-Nasr match that will take place tomorrow, Friday, in the 14th round of the Arabian Gulf League due to loan conditions that stipulate that the player should not participate in front of his former team.

It is noteworthy that Al-Nasr contracted in May 2019 with the right-wing of the Curaçao team and Herakles Almelo, a contract that extends for two seasons, but Al-Nasr management decided to dispense with the player in the current winter transfers, in order to make way for the contract with the Uzbek Dostonbek Khamdamov.

On the other hand, Mads Davidson, Sports Director of Al-Jazira Club, affirmed that they are continuing to implement Abu Dhabi’s pride strategy for refining and nurturing football talents and preparing them to face future challenges, explaining that the work that takes place in the club is based on harmony, harmony, and understanding between all components of the administrative and technical system.

Davidson said: “Our goals are clear, which is the offensive play that has always distinguished us and victory over all competitors, and if we achieve that, we will see results at the end of the season, including playing in the AFC Champions League, which is a permanent goal for the club because we are a big team, so we focus on work, focus, nutrition, early sleep and so on.”

The sports director of Al-Jazira club ruled out changing their strategy by relying on the club’s sons, al-Jazira academy graduates, indicating that hiring any player from outside does not mean deviating from that strategy.

Davidson gave an example that the player Mohamed Jamal’s borrowing and his return to Al-Jazira Castle mean their focus on the club’s children, explaining: “Jamal is one of the players who grew up and refined in the club’s academy, and his return enhances the strength of the team. An important position will be a card in the hand of coach Kaiser, who praised his return move. “

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