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Iraqi Al-Shortah block the transfer of Saad Natiq to Ahli Jeddah

The administration of the Iraqi Al-Shortah Club refused to dispense with defender Saad Nateq to the Saudi Al-Ahli Jeddah ranks, despite the player’s pleas for his release, to play for Al-Raky, during the current winter transfers.

The management of the Saudi Al-Ahli club tried to attract defender Saad Nateq, even five hours before the closing of the winter transfer market in Saudi Arabia, but the Iraqi Shortah Club rejected the last offer of half a million dollars, in exchange for giving up the player’s services for the remainder of the current season.

The police requested an amount of $ 750,000, to be paid immediately, in return for dispensing with Saad Nateq’s services, which was rejected by the management of Saudi Al-Ahli Club, because the deal failed, and the player was confirmed to remain with his Iraqi club.

And Abdul-Ilah Moumina, president of Ahli Jeddah club, had made a phone call with his counterpart, Abdul Wahhab Al-Taie, the Iraqi Al-Shortah chief, to negotiate the inclusion of Saad Nateq, and the Saudi team raised the offer from $ 200,000 to $ 500,000. Once again she insisted on 750 thousand dollars.

In light of the failure of the negotiations, Al-Ahli club moved to withdraw the offer, so that the file was closed completely, until the end of the season, where the Iraqi player will be available next season, if he leaves for free, especially with the close of the end of his contract after 5 months.

Saad Nateq expressed his dissatisfaction and anger at the position of Al-Shora

the department, especially after they promised him to facilitate his transfer to the Saudi league during the session that was held with him on Saturday evening, and the Iraqi defender hoped to leave for Al-Ahli, but the deal failed.

Saad Nateq decided to leave the Police Club at the end of the current season, stressing that he will not forget the position of his club management and the poor treatment that occurred with him, and he will try to move to the ranks of Al-Ahli Saudi at the end of the current season if the offer is renewed after he becomes a free player.

It is noteworthy that Al-Shortah coach Alexander Ilich did not mind the transfer of his defender to Al-Ahli, based on the wish of the player who refused to attend training in the past two days, on the condition that he be compensated with a suitable player during the current transfer period.

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