Handball World Cup: Egypt beat North Macedonia and qualifies for the second round

The Egyptian handball team qualified for the second round of the World Handball Cup, which is currently being held in the Futsal Complex in Cairo Stadium, as part of the World Handball Championship matches, which Egypt will host until January 31 with the participation of 32 teams from different countries of the world.

Egypt defeated North Macedonia 38-19 in the match that was held today, Saturday, at the hall of the Cairo International Stadium.

The Egyptian national team beat its Macedonian counterpart (6-20) in the first half, and in the second half, it continued to sweep the opponent, bringing the score to 38-19 at the end of the match.

With that result, Egypt tops Group G, which includes Chile, Sweden, and Macedonia.

The Egyptian national team beat Chile, 35-29, in its opening match in the group last Wednesday.

The Egyptian national team concludes its Group Seven matches tomorrow, Monday, with its match with Sweden.

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