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Clubs World Cup: Al-Ahly defeats Al-Duhail with a clean goal, and qualifies to face Bayern Munich

Al-Ahly Egypt defeated Al-Duhail, Qatar, with a clean goal, in the second round of the Club World Cup, which is currently being held in Doha until February 11th.

Al-Ahly qualified to the semi-finals of the World Cup, to set a date with the Bavarian giants Bayern Munich, in a confrontation that will be historic for the African champion, next Monday, February 8.

Al-Ahly owes its qualification to the World Cup semi-finals to its player, Hussein Al-Shahat, who scored the only goal of the match in the 30th minute of the match.

Al-Ahly took control of the match completely during the first half, as the Egyptian champion imposed complete control over the events of the full 45 minutes, amid a major retreat on the part of the Qatari team Al-Duhail, which resorted to defense in the face of the Al-Ahly attack.

In the 30th minute, Hussein Al-Shahat scored the first goal from a powerful shot that hit the right corner of the Al-Duhail goalkeeper, after Walter Bwalia pressed the Al-Duhail defender and snatched the ball to find it in front of him and hit it with his right foot, scoring the first goal.

Al-Ahly continued to fully control the events of the first half, and video technology, VAR, intervened in the 38th minute to deny Al-Ahly the second goal, after Walter Bwalya, Zambian Zambian, was alone with Al-Duhail goal and scored a goal that was canceled due to offside.

Al-Ahly almost added the second goal after Taher Mohamed Taher was alone in the goal, but the goalkeeper pushed the ball away and collided with Walter Bwalia, and missed a sure opportunity.

In the second half, the situation changed completely, and the Qatari Al-Duhail dominated the course of the match completely, amid runs from his player Dudu on the left side, who shot more than one ball against Mohammed Al-Shennawi, the goalkeeper of the first team.

The most dangerous attacks were in the 57th minute by Edmilson, who penetrated into the penalty area and hit a strong ball, but the financial substitute, Aliou Diang, succeeded in blocking the ball to keep it away, and four minutes later, Muntari hit a strong ball that El-Shennawi blocked, but the ball almost escaped from his hands and raised the crossbar, to turn To a corner.

Dudu continued his brilliance in the second half and led a dangerous attack in the 69th minute, and he hit it with a strong right foot, but El-Shenawi confronted it, then Al-Ahly rose up in an attempt to understand the situation and hit Ali Diang in the 77th minute, so the ball crawled to the right post of goalkeeper Salah Zakaria a little.

Muhammad Al-Shennawi confronted an opportunity in the 79th minute with a cross around Mnotari with a header from a distance, but Al-Ahly goalkeeper managed to clear the ball and turn it into a corner kick that the Qatari team did not benefit from.

Then Al-Duhail returned to attack the Al-Shennawi goal, and Muntari hit a powerful ball with a header over the El-Shenawi crossbar in the 84th minute, and five minutes later, the referee counted a free-kick directly at the borders of the penalty area, but Al-Ahly defense removed the ball.

Al-Ahly responded with a dangerous rebound that ended with a pass from Afsha to Al-Sulayyah at the edge of the penalty area in the 90th minute + 1 to hit a ground ball that was removed by the defense to miss a chance for a deadly goal for Al-Ahly

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