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Summary of the 13th week of the Saudi Professional League … Al-Hilal maintains the lead and its father achieves the surprise (report)

The matches of the 13th round of the Saudi Professional League ended without a major change at the level of the ranking table, although this round witnessed many exciting results presented by Xenia Sports in the following lines:

Al-Hilal refuses to concede the lead:

The result of a negative tie in one of the classics of Saudi football between Al-Ahli and Al-Hilal at the Al-Jawhara Al-Moha ‘Stadium in Jeddah ensured that Al-Hilal continued to lead the Saudi league table with a score of 26 points, which is the only positive result that Al-Hilal emerged from that confrontation, as Al-Hilal achieved his fourth consecutive draw in The League championship, which is the worst series of results for Al-Hilal in a consecutive number of matches since the launch of the Saudi Professional League, as well as reducing the lead difference between Al Hilal and its runner-up in Al-Shabab team to one point, which destabilizes Hilal’s lead if it does not return to the path of victories in the next rounds.

Al-Ahli exceeds the lead:

Despite his failure to achieve victory for the third match in a row, Al-Ahli came out with the least losses by drawing Al-Hilal at the top of the 13th round matches, where he maintained third place in the league table with 23 points, and the Serbian coach Vladan Milovic also kept his position as coach of the team until further notice After he was threatened with being ousted from the team’s training due to his heavy losses in the previous two confrontations to Al-Taawon and Qadisiyah teams.

Al-Shabab takes advantage of the opportunity:

Al-Shabab team was able to reduce the difference in the lead with the Al Hilal team to a difference of only one point, thanks to the broad victory achieved by Al-Shabab outside their home team in front of the Al Ain team by three goals for nothing, so that the youth team continued its series of positive results and achieved its third victory in the last four matches in the league championship to raise His tally of points to 25 points, one point ahead of the leaders Hilal.

Al-Nassr continues its awakening :

Al-Nassr team maintained its momentum and continued to achieve its positive results in the last rounds, where it achieved its third successive victory, this time at the expense of its host Al-Raed team with a clear goal so that the victory reaped the full points in the last 3 rounds (9 points), which is more than the yellow team achieved in the ten rounds. The first of the professional league, Al-Nassr before the dismissal of the former Portuguese coach Rui Vitoria scored 8 points in the first 10 rounds, but after the dismissal of Vitoria and the appointment of the Croatian Horvat as his substitute, Al-Nassr became the only team in the professional league that achieved victory in the last three rounds to raise its score of points To 17 in the tenth place.

Al-Taawon reveals its teeth:

Al-Taawon team regained its health and achieved an important victory outside its home team at the expense of Al-Fateh team with two goals against one goal, so Al-Taawun jumped to fourth place in the ranking table with 21 points, in participation with the Al-Ittihad team with the same balance of points, but Al-Taawon outperformed by goal difference, while Al-Fateh team fell to 11 With 17 points after he failed to achieve victory for the second round in a row.

Al-Faisali continues the negative results:

Al-Faisali team failed to maintain its progress achieved twice when it received the Al-Qadisiyah team in the confrontation that ended in a two-to-two draw. Al-Faisali continued its negative results in the league championship and failed to achieve any victory in the last 5 games to remain in 12th place with 14 points. Al-Qadisiyah managed to get his 18th point to participate in Al-Ittifaq team in eighth place.

Abha suspends Al-Ittihad:

The Abha team achieved the surprise of the matches of the 13th round of the professional league when it achieved a late victory in the hospitality of the Al-Ittihad team at Al-Sharaea Stadium, depriving Abha of the Al-Ittihad team of continuing to crawl towards the top of the ranking table and raising Abha’s balance of points to 20 points in the sixth place, while Al-Ittihad stopped at 21 A point is in fifth place, and Al-Ittihad receives its second loss this season after its first loss in the first round of the current season to Al-Ittihad.

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