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SPL 14th week in numbers … Al-Omari returns the Saudi striker to the competition for the title of top scorer


It seems that the Saudi Professional League has not revealed all its secrets, as the excitement and club in the Saudi Professional League increases week after week, and in Ixina Sports we highlight the most important statistics before the start of the 15th round of the competition.


Al-Hilal maintains the lead

The defending champion, the Saudi Al-Hilal team, maintained the top of the Saudi League, with a score of 26 points, and Al Hilal stuck to the top, as it sought to conclude the first round while it was in the first place and crowned the winter champion, and Hilal reached the 29th point, 3 points ahead of the runner-up and its closest competitors, Al Shabab and Al Ahli teams, who own 26 points in the second and third places.


The awakening of Al-Nassr.

Al-Nassr Saudi Arabia continued its awakening and succeeded in defeating Al-Wehda in Week 14 and reached seventh place with 20 points, one point difference from the fifth-place holder Al-Taawon Team.


Al-Omari returns the Saudi striker

Saudi striker Hassan Al-Omari, striker of the Saudi Al-Qadisiyah team, stormed the Saudi league’s top scorer with 7 goals, equal to French Al Hilal striker Baftimbi Gomez, and 3 goals ahead of top scorer Carlos Strandberg, striker of the Saudi Abha team, and the Saudi striker is back in the league’s top scorer list for the first time After an absence that lasted for more than a season, Al-Omari played 12 matches with Al-Qadisiyah this season, in which he scored 7 goals.


Al Hamdan excels.

Al-Shabab striker Abdullah Al-Hamdan has emerged as the most goal-making player in the Saudi League, surpassing foreign professionals in the Saudi League, led by his colleague in the Argentine professional team Ever Banega, the most prominent foreign name in the Saudi League this season, and Al-Hamdan made 7 goals until Now he has scored two goals, and places his name as one of the best young names in the Saudi League.


Somah is back for competition. 

The Swedish, Carlos Strandberg, stuck to the top scorer in the Saudi league with 10 goals at the end of the 14th round, and the historic top scorer of the Saudi league, Omar Al-Somah, the Saudi Al-Ahly striker, raised his goal tally to 8 goals in third place, where he managed to score two goals against Al-Ahly and Abha, the latter which contributed to the victory of Al-Ahli Jeddah. In the meeting, Al Somah returns to compete for the top scorers again.


Al-Mayouf has 5 clean sheets in 6 matches.

Al Hilal goalkeeper Abdullah Al-Mayouf raised his score from the total matches in which he helped keep his net clean to 5 matches after he managed to maintain a clean sheet against Al-Hilal and the last Al-Taawon within week No. 15, and Al-Mayouf succeeded in maintaining a clean sheet in 5 meetings from A total of 6 meetings he played with the team, while Brazilian goalkeeper Casio Angus tops the list with 6 matches in which he kept a clean sheet out of a total of 12 meetings he fought with his team.

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