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Putman ignites a crisis between ES Sahel and the Tunisian African

The past hours witnessed a major crisis in Tunisian football between ES Sahel and African clubs, due to the player Zinedine Boutman.

Club Africain officials sent an official letter to the Tunisian Football Association, objecting to ES Sahel’s contracting with Zinedine Boutman, who informed the club’s management that he had unilaterally terminated the contract.

And Putman unilaterally terminated his contract with Club Africain, under the pretext that he did not receive his late monthly wages, for a period of more than 4 months, which he considered the player a strong motive to terminate the contract with the club and sign the Etoile Sahel team.

During his speech to the Tunisian Federation, CAF confirmed that the player is at the disposal of the team, and has received all his financial dues, in addition, that the transfer market is still open now, and therefore the team is still able to pay all the players’ dues and register new deals.

The Etoile Club had signed a contract with Putman and was seeking to end his registration procedures, but a legal dispute arose during the past hours, due to the player.

Meanwhile, Nasr Hussein Dai, the original owner of the player, joined forces with Club Africain, who confirmed that he would only hand over the international card for “Zinedine Putman” to Club Africain.

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