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Al-Ahly announces the absence of Walid Suleiman from participating in the Club World Cup

Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at Al-Ahly club, announced that Walid Soliman, the midfielder of the team, had a rupture in the posterior muscle according to the results of x-rays made by the player during the past hours, after he was injured in the face of the team in front of Al-Ahly Bank, in the eighth round of the Egyptian Premier League.

Abdel Hafeez said that Walid Suleiman’s absence will not be less than the next 4 weeks, and then his absence from participating with the team in the Club World Cup was confirmed, indicating that the player will start implementing his rehabilitation and treatment program tomorrow under the supervision of the team doctor.

Al-Ahly is preparing to face the Arab El Mokawloon team, which will be set at 5 pm next Thursday, at Al-Ahly Stadium in Al-Salam, in the ninth round of the Egyptian Premier League competition.

On the other hand, the technical staff of Al-Ahly decided on the date of travel to Doha, as the date of January 29 was set, as the date for the departure of the mission, to participate in the Club World Cup.

Al-Ahly’s mission will include 55 individuals, including players, administrators, and members of the technical staff, and Al-Ahly will play the Pyramids match in the Egyptian League on January 26, which is the last confrontation that he will play before traveling to Qatar.

Al-Duhail, Qatar, Al-Ahly, Bayern Munich, Ulsan Hyundai, South Korea, Tigris Unal, Mexico, and the South American champion, which has yet to be decided between Palmeiras and Santos, will take part.

The Organizing Committee of the Club World Cup decided to postpone the start of the tournament to start on February 4 instead of 1, and to end on the 11th of the same month, after the withdrawal of Auckland City, the New Zealand champion of the Oceania continent, from the tournament due to the Coronavirus.

Auckland City was scheduled to play Al-Duhail, Qatar on February 1, in the first round of the tournament, but with the withdrawal of the New Zealand team, the tournament will start from the second round, as the withdrawal of Auckland City resulted in the Khalifa International Stadium not receiving any matches in the tournament after it was hosting two matches.

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