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Al-Ain of the UAE retracts the contract with the Brazilian Shafir and is close to joining Nakajima


The management of the UAE club Al Ain dismissed the contract with the Brazilian player Joao Shaffer, the midfield of Corinthians, due to the exaggeration of the management of his club in the financial demands and its desire to obtain a large financial compensation, which Al Ain officials refused to pay.

Al-Ain made an official offer to join the 20-year-old Chávez in January for 750,000 euros, but the management of the Brazilian club refused his departure and found that the money does not amount to wasting the young player.

While Al Ain returned and made a new offer that reached one million and 250 thousand euros, but the offer was rejected again, so that the officials of the UAE team decide to officially dismiss the contract with the player.

While Al Ain came close to strengthening its ranks, by contracting with the Japanese side, Shoya Nakajima, the Portuguese winger, Porto during the month of January, as negotiations reached advanced stages.

Al-Ain officials want to contract with Japanese Nakajima on loan from Porto and put the eligibility to purchase clause in the contract to obtain the player permanently.

Al-Ain officials are looking to strengthen the ranks with strong deals this winter, to compete for local and continental titles during the current season.

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