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The Tunisian federation is besieging the management of the African club

The Emergency Committee of the Tunisian Football Federation issued an official statement, in which it asked Abdel Salam El-Younsi, president of Club Africain, to provide legal information on the composition of the club’s board of directors.

The Tunisian Football Association officials demanded from the CAF president to provide evidence of the repayment of the scheduled debts, after which the legal period for payment in favor of the local association has expired, and to deposit the approved financial reports for the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 seasons, and in case this is not possible, the auditor will be invited in For the African financial situation.

The Tunisian Football Association statement came to stop the protests against the CAF management, especially since the club’s board of directors has been facing many debt crises recently.

The Tunisian Federation gave the African President a 3-day period in order to submit the required documents and papers, and in the event that this was not possible, the Union would be obliged to call for an electoral generalization to replace the Al-yonsi administration, which means that the emergency committee report became a prelude to the stage of withdrawing the rug, according to the law, from under the feet of the club president And its board of directors.

Tunisian football officials decided to give up the Tunisian, which had enjoyed great support for two years, especially in light of the lack of seriousness of the African president in resolving the many crises that besieged the club during the past two seasons.

The debts of African have worsened in the last three years, reaching nearly 50 million dinars (about 19 million dollars) as a result of the failure to save players, coaches, clubs, and business agents since the term of former President Salim Riahi until now, and those cases that reached in 2020 resulted in 44 cases. In preventing the club from contracting on four occasions, the most recent of which was last September, as well as withdrawing six points from its league tally during the last season.

The past days inside Africa witnessed an unprecedented state of tension and accusations among the officials, as well as a massive wave of anger among the masses, coinciding with the continuing crisis, and after five matches, Afrikaner collected five points from Yateem’s victory, two draws and two defeats, but his defense line accepted nine goals. Complete to be the second-worst defense among Premier League clubs.

In the face of severe confusion within Africa, in light of the decline in the level of the team and the exacerbation of debts, a number of the club’s fans staged a sit-in in front of the team’s training headquarters, raising slogans calling for the departure of the current board of directors, and organizing early elections, in order to restore the prestige of the club.

The defeat against Ittihad Ben Guerdane, the submerged team, last Wednesday within the fifth week of the league, sparked feelings of anger among the fans of the club, especially since it is the second for the team in five matches so far in the league, at the beginning of which is the worst for the red and white team in the history of its participation since the adoption of the professional system.

The African club is the second Tunisian club to be crowned with 13 league titles and 13 cups, in addition to being the first Tunisian team to win the African Champions League under its old name, the African Champions Clubs Cup, in 1991.

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