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Clashes between Tunisian security and African fans, after a protest stand in front of the Football Association headquarters


Tunisian security forces dispersed the fans of Club Africain, which organized a protest rally, in front of the headquarters of the Tunisian Football Association, due to the poor conditions of the club during the last period.

The fans of the African demanded the necessity to exclude Abdel Salam El-Younesi, especially since he is still at the head of the club’s management, despite his earlier announcement of stepping down, but the fans belonging to the team found that there was mockery and procrastination in the official departure, so they organized a protest.

The protesters demanded from the African fans, the Tunisian Football Association, to assume its responsibilities in the face of the many violations that Al-Lyonsi made during the last period, with the need to rid the club of debts, to register new deals, as well as avoid any new sanctions from the International Football Association “FIFA”, in addition to On completing the path towards holding new elections to administer the African Union.

Some clashes erupted between Club Africain fans and the Tunisian security forces, during the vigil, and security forces were forced to fire tear gas to disperse the crowd and end the clashes between them.

While a security source revealed that they managed to arrest 70 people belonging to the African Club, they were arrested during the protest, which numbered more than three thousand young men, who threw stones at security forces and attacked a number of shops and tried to cut the road linking Al-Menzah and Ariana by placing waste containers. They also stormed the Olympic swimming pool in El Menzah and smashed its external façade.

Club Africain lives in a bad condition during the current season, and the team ranks 11th in the Tunisian league table, after 6 rounds of the local tournament.

Earlier, Al-Yonsei announced his resignation from the CAF presidency, but he returned and adhered to remaining in the club’s presidency, which angered the fans of the team, who went out to protest in front of the Tunisian Football Association headquarters.

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