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Al-Qadisiyah coach: We do not pay attention to the circumstances of the opponent and strive to win over Al-Ahly

Tunisian Youssef Al-Mannai, coach of the Saudi Al-Qadisiyah team, revealed his team’s desire to win over Al-Ahly, in the next confrontation, within week 12 of the Saudi Professional League.

Al-Mannai said in a press interview, Thursday, “The players are eager to make up for absences in the team, and there is a high concentration in training, and we hope that it will crystallize in the face of Al-Ahly.”

And he continued: “What distinguishes the Saudi League is that all the clubs are good, and they are all competing, and it is difficult to predict the results of the matches, and every team is able to win, and every match has its own circumstances, and Al-Ahly was not good in his last match and we warned the players of their reaction, and I am sure they will give everything to serve the team. ”

He added: “There are times when the team is good and times when the players are less enthusiastic, and we try to deal with all circumstances to achieve the most important thing, which is the reaction of the players and mental readiness, and reading the coach helps also when the team returns in the match this humiliates the mental strength of the players. And fighting spirit. ”

In the press interview, Al-Mannai indicated that his team has a lot of absences and that he has full confidence in the existing players and that he has confidence that they will add to the team.

He concluded: “We do not pay much attention to the competitors’ conditions, and we deal seriously with everyone and I am sure that all teams have their capabilities, whatever their circumstances, and Al-Ahly is a competitor for the lead and plays for titles and we try hard to win and get match points.”

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