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Al-Nassr returns to the road to victories with a difficult victory over Al-Batin

Xenia Sports – Saudi Arabia

Al-Nasr team returned to Al-Batin Stadium after achieving a valuable victory over Al-Batin, on Monday, at the start of the ninth round of the Saudi Professional League, in the match that was held at Al-Batin Stadium in Hafar Al-Batin, eastern Saudi Arabia.

Al-Nasr opened the scoring team in the 82nd minute through Sultan Al-Ghanem, and the second player, Noureddine Merabet, added in the 90th minute.

The host team’s attempts to return to the meeting were not met, and all repeated attempts to reach the goal of Al-Nassr team ended in failure before Fabio Abreu succeeded in reducing the difference in the 94th minute and the match ended with the victory of Al-Nassr.

Al-Nassr team raised its score to 7 points in the 15th position, while Al-Batin’s balance stopped at 11 points.

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