The Moroccan Federation agreed with its Israeli counterpart to hold friendly matches between the two teams

The Moroccan Football Association headed by Faouzi Lakjaa agreed with his Israeli counterpart to hold a meeting between them to discuss joint cooperation and establish friendly matches between the teams of the two countries, during the coming period.

Oren Hassoun, President of the Israeli Federation, issued an official statement that he held a video chat with Fawzi Lakjaa, President of the Moroccan Football Association, in order to discuss joint cooperation between them during the coming period.

The statement said that Lakjaa, President of the Moroccan Federation, opened his conversation with Hassoun, saying: “I welcome this conversation that we have been waiting for for many years, and thanks to the courageous move of Morocco’s King Mohammed VI, we have an opportunity to strengthen ties between peoples through football.”

He addressed his Israeli counterpart: “I invite you to Morocco to think together about ways in which we can build cooperation between us, and of course coordinate matches between our teams.”

For his part, Hassoun said, “There are hundreds of thousands of citizens in Israel of Moroccan origin, and this news makes them very happy. I thank you for inviting you to visit Morocco and I want to host you and the representatives of the Union in Israel.”

He continued, “We have a rare opportunity, thanks to the courageous moves of the leaders of the two countries, to present a better future for our youth and your youth and to set a successful model for other unions.”

And he considered that “setting up a match between the Israeli and Moroccan teams is very important,” adding, “I have no doubt that what begins on the field will succeed in every other place. For us, this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.”

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