Zamalek reveals its position on the departure of Mustafa Mohamed

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Ashraf Qassem, general supervisor of football at Zamalek Club, confirmed that he was happy with the victory over al-mokaweloon and it was an important step at the start of the league, stressing that the performance was not satisfactory, but the most important thing for us was the three points after leaving the Egypt Cup and losing the CAF Champions League final.

“We worked on preparing the players psychologically, and the players’ experiences helped the team to win over the contractors, which is a distinguished team,” he said in statements on the Falcon Stadium program broadcast on Radio Egypt.

He added, “After the interim committee was appointed to manage the club under the leadership of Counselor Abdullah Al-Bakri, and a committee was appointed to manage football, and we provided the overdue dues, and accounts were made for the players in Banque Misr that the club deals with, in order to transfer the dues to them.”

He continued: “Instead of transferring money from one bank to another, accounts were created for all players in the same bank in order to transfer dues immediately.”

 And he continued: “Ayman Younis is in charge of the players’ contract renewal file, and Ferjani Sassi’s agent has agreed with him to renew completely, and in the coming period the contracts and clauses will be written. We seek to keep the team away from all current matters far from football.”

He added: “We will renew the contracts of the trio of the team Yusef Ibrahim” Obama “, and Mahmoud Abdul Rahim” Jinnish “and Mahmoud Abdel Razek” Shikabala “, in the coming period, and we are negotiating with Shikabala to renew his contract for two seasons, remaining in Zamalek until he is one of the sons of the club and the leader of the team inside and outside the stadium. For these specifications and personality in the coming period. “

Qassem continued his remarks, saying: “Any player who wears the Zamalek shirt for one day, I consider him one of the club’s sons. Our goal in the coming period is to conclude some contracts, within the framework of the team’s needs only, and we have closed the file of non-contracting with some players such as Ahmed Sheikh and Amir Adel, and we will not talk about it again.”

On the professional file of Mostafa Mohamed, Ashraf Qassem commented, saying: “The player’s professionalism is a very thorny file, as he is the best striker in the Egyptian League, and the team needs his presence, especially with Omar Saeed away from infection with Corona.”

He added, “Mustafa Mohamed has great ambitions in external professionalism and seeks to reach the position of Mohamed Salah, there must be a wait before the file is resolved, and an alternative must be found.”

He concluded his remarks, saying: “I sat with Mustafa before the meeting with the Arab Contractors and talked with him, and he showed great focus and was able to score a goal in the contractors, as he is a great player, and we are looking for the interests of the two parties, the club, and the player.”

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