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Zamalek ends the crisis of players ’contracts before facing Mouloudia of Algeria … and Ferjani Sassi’s crisis continues

The management of the Zamalek club ended the crisis of contract introductions to the players of the first football team after the players received checks accepted for payment and it was confirmed that the value of each player’s dues was in his bank account, so the club closed the file of that crisis, which made there more than one player threatening to break his contract during the recent period.

While Zamalek officials pledged to pay the dues of players of other games such as handball, basketball, and volleyball during the coming period, especially after the club’s treasury recovered from the value of the deal, Mustafa Mohamed, Zamalek striker, loaned to the Turkish Galata Saray ranks, which amounted to two million dollars, equivalent to more than 30 million Egyptian pounds.

In another context, the MCA team arrives in Cairo on Wednesday evening to face Zamalek in the opening matches of the fourth group matches in the African Champions League next Friday, at Cairo International Stadium at exactly nine in the evening.

She will be subject to all the precautionary measures taken to prevent coronavirus and head to the residence in one of the Greater Cairo hotels next to the Military College stadium.

On the other hand, the task of the Zamalek administration was complicated by the renewal of Ferjani Sassi’s contract, after he rejected the offer made by club officials, and adhered to his own conditions, which were an obstacle for the club’s management to officially complete the renewal.

Sassi stipulated that the contract is for a period of three seasons and that he receives 50% of the full contract value in advance, other than obtaining the full dues of the current season before signing the new contract.

Ferjani Sassi also asked the club’s management through his agent to obtain 2 million and 200 thousand euros per season, more than 100 thousand euros each season, provided that the club management bears the full value of taxes and registration fees, which made the club management see that the requests are exaggerated.

Ferjani came close to leaving for one of the UAE League clubs in a free transfer deal after the end of the current season.

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