Wadih Al-Jarji responds to the Tunisian Olympic Committee’s decision to freeze his membership for a period of 4 years

The Tunisian Olympic Committee decided to freeze the Olympic sports membership of Wadih al-Jari, president of the Tunisian Football Federation, for a period of 4 years, as well as to refer all complaints against the president of the League outside its jurisdiction to the International Football Association and the International Olympic Committee.

The Tunisian Olympic Committee met to consider the complaint filed by the  Sports al-hilal against the president of the Tunisian Football Federation, Wadih al-Jarra, after he suspended its activities last October, claiming that he was not registered in the Football Association’s registration regulations.

The club accused the Football Association of punishing the team representing the city of Al-Shaba against the backdrop of its constant criticism of the Football Association and its president, Wadih Al-Jara.

Wadih Al-Jari commented on his official Facebook page, commenting on the Tunisian Olympic Committee’s statement, stressing that this decision has no legal effect on his presidency of the university, nor has any relationship or activity related to football, nationally or internationally, with FIFA or CAF.

Al-Jari affirmed that the Tunisian Football Association received two letters from the International Federation and the Confederation of African Football on November 23, 2020, and December 8, 2020, confirming that there is no impact and legal repercussions on any possible decision from the Olympic Committee and from the committee whose values ​​are at the level of various football structures. National and international and that any possible decision will not be bound by it and will not be taken into consideration.

Lawyer Anis Bin Mim, an expert in sports regulations, considered the statement of the Tunisian Olympic Committee, stressing that it was “issued by a non-competent authority” and that “it is not based on any legal chapter criminalizing these acts.”

Bin Meem continued, saying, “The decision does not have any enforcement effect, since it does not bind any party … neither El Kaf, nor FIFA, nor the International Olympic Committee,” as he put it.

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