The Tunisian African national negotiates with the French coach Luc Djon … and Dridi refuses to escape

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Saad Dridi, the technical director of the Tunisian African team, revealed the fact that he escaped from the team’s training, and left him during the coming period, in order to train another Tunisian club or leave to train one of the Arab or Gulf teams.

Al-Dridi denied all the rumors that had spread over the past two days about his departure from the club, stressing that they are malicious rumors and that he rejects the “betrayal of the masses” as he said, explaining that he adheres to work inside the club, despite the difficult circumstances, out of respect for the fans who support and support the team with all Strength in the last period.

He explained, that he absolutely does not care about what is published about his departure or dismissal from Club Africain, amid many speculations indicating that the African management wants to sign a contract with French coach Jean-Luc Dagon.

Dridi confirmed that he would accept the decision of the club’s management, in case it decided to dismiss him and leave him from coaching the team, but he will not escape responsibility, out of respect and appreciation for the fans of the team.

It is worth noting that the CAF management has invited former Saint-Etienne coach Jean-Luc Dejon to be in Tunisia to negotiate the possibility of taking over the technical responsibility for the football team during the current season.

The African team is in a very difficult situation after it failed to lift the penalty that prevented it from registering new deals, as a result of the penalty imposed on it by the International Football Association “FIFA”, forcing the club to escalate many emerging players from the Sunni groups, who have become the mainstay. in the last period.

The African team was satisfied with winning one out of 4 matches in the Tunisian League Championship, and achieved two draws and suffered one defeat, and was satisfied with collecting 5 points from 12 possible points, as the club is going through very difficult circumstances, which made rumors increasing about the fate of Saad Dridi, who seems close to Leave the team training.

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