The Moroccan Federation reveals the fact that fans are returning to the stands after the African Local Championship

Mohamed Maqrouf, the spokesman for the Moroccan Football Federation, revealed the fact that fans will return to the stadiums, during the coming period, expressing his regret at the continuing epidemic situation in his country, and the increase in infections with the Coronavirus, which makes it difficult for the public to return.

Maqrouf said that the Moroccan Federation wishes the fans to return to the stadiums to add fun to the local football competitions, and everyone is anxiously awaiting their return to the stands.

He added that the Moroccan Federation is waiting for the results of the vaccination process against the virus, stressing that it will then be considered whether the public will be allowed to return to the stands after the resumption of the tournament, following the suspension imposed by the African Championship competitions for local players.

The official spokesman of the Moroccan Federation stated that it will wait to learn about the developments in the epidemiological situation in his country, before taking any measures towards opening the doors of the stands to the masses.

He stressed that the matter will be in the hands of the Moroccan authorities, who will discuss the return of the public, either partially or completely, during local competitions.

It is worth noting that the matches in all local competitions in Morocco of all categories have been played without fans since the fourth of last March, by a decision of the Moroccan Football Association and in coordination with the authorities, in order to ensure the safety of everyone from infection with the Coronavirus.

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