The Moroccan Federation deprives Wydad and Tetouan from the broadcast grant

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The Moroccan Football Association decided to deprive Wydad Casablanca and Maghreb Tetouan from the first installment of the two clubs’ dues from the proceeds of television broadcasting.

The Moroccan Federation had announced earlier that it would deprive clubs that have debts from the TV broadcast grant for the Moroccan Football League because they did not hold the General Assembly at the specified date, which applies to Wydad Casablanca and Morocco Tetouan.

The two clubs were deprived of an amount up to (200 million centimes), equivalent to about $ 2.3 million, for non-compliance with previous decisions regarding the necessity of holding the general assembly for each club, on the dates previously specified.

The Moroccan Federation had set December 24 as the last date for holding the general assemblies of the Moroccan championship clubs, and with the expiration of the deadline and the two teams not holding it, therefore a decision was issued to deprive them of the television transfer grant, which negatively affects the two clubs in light of the presence of many financial crises for the teams Moroccan, after the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the first batch of the television broadcast grant will be disbursed to the clubs of Wydad Casablanca and Maghreb Tetouan in the event that they amend their status and hold the general assembly during the coming period.

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