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The Moroccan Al-Raja Administration responds to Al Salami’s demands … and resolves Mohsen Metwally’s crisis

Djamel Salami, the coach of Morocco’s Raja Casablanca team, revealed the details of his meeting with the club’s board of directors, noting that a number of matters were discussed regarding the team’s future in the current period.

Al-Salami explained that Raja President Rasheed Al-Andalusi agreed to make new contracts during the Mercato Winter, in agreement with the club members who attended the meeting, adding that the team needs 3 new players, according to the specialization centers that the club needs to compete for the four facades in which Raja participates.

He added, in the event that the contract of a foreign player is terminated, the team will be able to sign a foreign player.

It is worth noting that Al-Salami had called for some deals during the Mercato winter, but club officials recruited only 3 players, they were Muhammad Al-Mekazi, Marwan Al-Houdoudi, and Noah Wael El-Saadawi.

In a different context, Mohsen Metwally, the player of Raja, underwent investigations today in front of the club’s management, after he failed to summon the previous summons, as the captain of the team responded to the disciplinary committee summoned within his club, expressing his respect for the club and its officials, stressing that his failure to appear last week was due to personal circumstances. Prevented his attendance.

The disciplinary committee listened to Metwally’s speech, and the player, in turn, expressed his respect for his club officials, and the crisis was completely ended, and the player organized training for the Raja team naturally, after he caused a state of great anger, after he made statements attacking the management of Al-Raja club.

Metwally went out in statements attacking club officials and said that if Rachid Al-Busiri or the administrator Tantawi had been present, who had a Corona infection, they would not have accepted the Tongit match at an inappropriate stadium.

The Raja fans launched a harsh campaign of criticism against Mohsen Metwally and demanded that he be punished for deviating from the text, according to a statement issued by the Moroccan club fans.

Metwally had apologized to the Rajawy fans after the exclusion from the African Champions League competition and strongly refused to hold the players and technical staff of his team responsible for the exclusion, considering that the weather conditions in which the match was held were the main reason for the exclusion.

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