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The Appeals Committee announces the penalties of Esperance Tunisia before confronting Ahli Benghazi

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Ali Rady

The Appeals Committee of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) refused to reduce the penalties against Esperance de Tunis, technical director Mouin Chaabani, and assistant coach Magdi Traoui.

The committee decided to confirm the penalties against Al-Shaabani and Tarawi, for their attack on the Moroccan referee, “Radwan Jaid,” in the first leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals against Zamalek, while the committee decided to keep the suspension of two matches against Muhammad Ali bin Ramadan.

Meanwhile, the committee decided to reduce Khalil Chammam’s penalty from the suspension of 6 to only two games, while reducing the suspension of Algerian midfielder Abdel Raouf Bin Ghaith from four matches to two.

The committee reduced Esperance’s fines to $ 25,000 after the fines had previously reached 115,000 dollars on Mouin Chaabani, Majdy Traoui, Khalil Shammam, and Abdel Raouf bin Ghaith, for using aggressive words against the Moroccan referee.

According to the above, Esperance Sports will restore the services of Khalil Shammam, Bin Ghaith, and Bin Ramadan in the second leg in front of Al-Ahly Benghazi, Libya, while Al-Shabani and Trawi will not appear on the bench before the second round of the group stage.

On the financial side, Esperance Sports settled the file of penalties, which were heavy and cost him an amount of $ 115,000 (after the deduction), and amounted to only $ 25,000.

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