The African Tunisian fails to join the Algerian Quartet due to the debt crisis

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The Algerian quartet, Hussein Bin Ayada, Zakaria Naiji, Zain El Din Boutman, and Brahim Farhi, received a great shock after the management of the Tunisian Club Africain failed to register them in the team’s squad with the start of the new football season, as their registration was postponed to the next winter transfer period.

The CAF administration’s efforts to register new deals, which were closed on Monday evening in Tunisia, failed to settle the debts of former players and coaches of the team, who had obtained decisions from the International Football Association.

The Tunisian African club signed 4 players from Algeria during the summer transfer period, namely Hussein Bin Ayada, Zakaria Naiji, Zain El Din Boutman and Ibrahim Farahi, but the club management failed to register them, which was a great shock to some of them, especially Hussein Bin Ayada, who is considered one of the international players within The ranks of the Algerian national team, and Naiji is returning from a professional experience in Portugal that was not successful.

The Algerian quartet will stay away from participating with the African until the opening of the winter transfers, which was a great shock, especially since they have been away from matches since last March, especially the trio of Ben Ayada, Putman, and Farahi, who were playing in the Algerian league.

Hussein Bin Ayada had received several offers in the summer period, including offers from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, but the African managed to sign him after he was chosen as the best right defender in Algeria last season.

Hussein Bin Ayada and Naiji are now threatened with leaving the Algerian national team in the future, especially with their distancing from official competitions, which will make the duo’s chances difficult to join Jamal Belmadi’s battalion, who excluded some of the players from his accounts, notably Islam Suleimani and Youssef Bailey.

FIFA had required the Tunisian club to pay $ 4.5 million to former players and coaches in the team, in order to register the newcomers, but the delay in bank procedures to transfer this amount, according to Club Africain officials, prevented restricting its new players.

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