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Summary of the Saudi Professional League after the end of the 14th week

The confrontations of the fourteenth round of the Saudi Professional Football League ended with mixed results, as the result of winning was achieved in 6 matches, and the other two matches ended with a draw.

1 – Al-Hilal team succeeded in maintaining its lead after it regained the path of victories by defeating its guest Al-Taawon team with the result of two goals to nil, and to expand the difference with the chasers (Al-Shabab – Al-Ahly) again to three points, as Al-Hilal scored 29 points after winning Al-Taawon compared to 26 for the runners-up.

2 – Al-Ahli managed to end a series of negative results in the last three rounds (2 losses, 1 draw) when they beat Abha team at home in Jeddah with three goals to nil, to raise Al-Ahli’s score to 26 points and return again to crowding out Al-Shabab on the runners-up, where he has the same point balance.

3- Al-Shabab team failed to take advantage of its hospitality to the struggling Al-Faisali team and to the result of a positive draw against its guest with a goal for each side, failing to tighten the screws on Al-Hilal, as well as giving Al-Shabab the opportunity to compete with Al-Ahli’s rivals for the runner-up position with 26 points before the end of the first round competitions.

4 – The Al-Ittihad team regained the way of victories at the expense of its host Al-Ain team, with two goals to one, after it suddenly stumbled in the last round at home against Abha team, and by its victory over Al-Ain, Al-Ittihad raised its score to 24 singles in fourth place after the stumbling of its former partner, Al-Taawon team.

5 – Al-Taawon team received its first defeat this year, and the leaders were in front of the Al Hilal team with two goals without a response, so that the Al-Taawon team retreated to fifth place, in which the Al-Ittifaq team participated with a score of 21 points.

6 – Al-Ettifaq team achieved an exciting victory outside its home team at the expense of Al-Raed team by three to two goals, after it was trailed by a score of 2/0 before entering the meeting the last ten minutes. The victory pushed Al-Ittifaq team to sixth place with 21 points, behind the goal difference of Al-Taawon team with the same balance of points.

7 – Al-Nassr team continued the positive results that started at the beginning of this year and achieved its fourth successive victory, and this time at the expense of its guest team Al-Wehda team, with three goals to one goal, this victory pushed Al-Nassr team 4 places at once, to reach the seventh place with 20 points.

8 – Al-Wehda team fell to eighth place with 20 points after losing to Al-Nassr team outside home, so Al-Wehda continued to search for the missed victory in the last 3 rounds.

9 – The series of positive results of the Abha team (3 victories in a row), which began at the beginning of the current year, when it was led by a loss to its host Al-Ahli by three to nil, to freeze its balance at 20 points and retreat to ninth place equal with Al-Nassr and Al-Wehda in the same points balance and lagging behind them by goal difference.

10 – Al-Qadisiyah team missed a victory that was close to it when it hosted Al-Fateh team at its home in Rakah, and Al-Qadisiyah remained ahead with a clean goal until the last minute of the match, before Al-Fateh tied from a penalty kick. A draw raised Al-Qadisiyah team’s balance to 19 points in tenth place.

11 – Al-Fateh team was unable to achieve victory for the third week in a row when it drew in deadly time with its host Al-Qadisiyah from a penalty kick. A draw made Al-Fateh retreat to the 11th place with 18 points.

12 – Al-Faisali team tried to surprise Al-Shabab team when it came as a guest and surprised it with an early goal, but Al-Faisali was unable to maintain its lead to tie with Al-Shabab with  one to one, and Al-Faisali failed to return to the winning path for the sixth week in a row to remain in the 12th place with 15 points

13 – Al-Batin team was led by a loss away from the stadium at the hands of the former bottom team, Damak, with two goals without a response, to continue the series of negative results in which Al-Batin team did not achieve any victory for the sixth week in a row and to remain in the 13th place with 13 points, with only goal difference from Al-Raed.

14 – Al-Raed team failed to maintain its lead with two clean goals when it hosted Al-Ittifaq team at its stadium in Buraidah to turn the guests over the result in their favor in the last ten minutes and beat Al-Raed by three goals to two, so Al-Raed continued his fall towards the cliff and is still looking for the first victory since the fifth week, and occupies Al-Raed is 14th with 13 points, and it is the first to relegate.

15 – Damak team gave up the last place for the first time since the fourth week when defeated Al-Batin with two clean goals in one of the matches at the bottom of the standings, but Damac remains in the circle of positions leading to relegation, with it occupying the penultimate position in the table with 12 points.

16 – Al Ain team lost its fourth consecutive loss at the hands of the Al Ittihad team, with two goals to one at the Al Ain team stadium, so Al Ain fell to the last place in the ranking table with 10 points and remains the first team threatened with relegation with the mid-term of the current season 2020/2021.

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