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Summary of the first round of the Saudi League season 2020-2021

The first round matches of the 2020/2021 season of the Saudi Professional League ended, which resulted in a fierce competition between the front teams as well as the bottom teams, and the first round competitions also brought about several exciting numbers and facts that had not happened before in the history of the professional league or occurred at most once and repeated Once again this season, the fact that the current season’s competition is the most intense among the top teams or even the teams fighting the relegation is revealed.
* The Winter Champion (Al Hilal) has scored only 30 points at the end of the first round: It has not happened in the history of the professional league competition that the champion of the first round (winter) has scored 30 points or less since the start of the professional league competitions 2008/2009 season – with the exclusion of the first two seasons competitions. Only 12 teams participated in the competition – and the current season is the second least of the seasons in which the first-round champion has scored fewer points after the first round of the 2017/2018 season, in which Al-Hilal also won only 29 points, which predicts a great strength. The first half of the current season showed her and expectations as well that the intense competition will continue until the end of the competition.

The following is a review of the first round champions (Winter Champion) since the start of the Professional League – excluding the first two seasons, in which only 12 teams participated:

First-round champion with the participation of 14 teams in the League Championship:

2010/2011 season (first-round champion “Al-Hilal” 31 points) League champion “Al-Hilal” without defeat.

Season 2011/2012 (champion in the first round “Al-Shabab” 33 points) Champions League “Al-Shabab” without defeat.

Season 2012/2013 (first-round champion “Al-Fateh – Al-Hilal” 32 points) Champions League “Al-Fath”.

Season 2013/2014 (first-round champion “Al-Nassr” 33 points) League champion “Al-Nassr”.

Season 2014/2015 (first-round champion “Al-Nassr” 34 points) League champion “Al-Nassr”

Season 2015/2016 (first-round champion “Al-Ahli – Al-Hilal” 33 points) Champions League “Al-Ahli”.

Season 2016/2017 (first-round champion “Al Hilal” with 31 points) League champion “Al Hilal”.

Season 2017/2018 (first-round champion “Al Hilal” has 29 points) League champion “Al Hilal”.

First-round champion with the participation of 16 teams in the League Championship:

Season 2018/2019 (first-round champion “Al Hilal” 36 points) League champion “Al Nassr”.

Season 2019/2020 (first-round champion “Al-Nassr” 33 points) League champion “Al-Hilal”.

Season 2020/2021 (first-round champion “Al Hilal” 30 points) League champion …….

* Some interesting facts after the end of the first round of the current season:

– For the first time since the 2010/2011 season, Al Hilal failed to achieve a victory in only one match against its four big rivals (Al Nassr – Al Ittihad – Al Shabab – Al Ahli) in the first half competitions only, as Al-Hilal managed to achieve victory over Al Nassr only, while it tied against Al Ittihad. And Al-Shabab and Al-Ahli, as well as Al-Hilal achieved one victory in front of one of its four competitors in the 2010/2011 season and was at the expense of Al-Shabab, while it tied against Al-Hilal against Al-Nassr, Al-Ahly, and Al-Ittihad, and the first round of the 2012/2013 season was the most distinguished for Al-Hilal, where he won his four matches in the first round On the big four.

Al- Hilal achieved the worst series of matches in a row without achieving any victory in any of its matches, which reached four matches, in which they all tied against (Al-Ittihad – Al-Shabab – Al-Batin – Al-Ahli), which is the longest series of matches Hilal failed to win since the start of the professional league 13 years ago.

– The current season 2020/2021 witnessed the worst start for Al-Nassr in the history of the professional league, as it was defeated in the first 3 rounds of the competition against Al-Fateh, Al-Taawon, and Al-Shabab, which is the worst series for the club, dubbed “Global”, in the history of the professional league.

– The first round may be the most distinguished for the Al Ittihad team in the professional league since several seasons, where it is only 5 points away from the leaders, and it is also the first season in which Al Ittihad found the way of victories at the expense of its traditional rivals Al Ahly for the first time since 2012, and it was also close to victory For the first time since 2016 after he was ahead of more than 80 minutes in the match that brought them together in the tenth week of competitions.

– Syrian Omar Al-Somah, Al-Ahli striker, will not forget the first half of the 2020/2021 season, as he witnessed his name is written in golden letters in the history of the Saudi League when he became his historic scorer with 127 goals that he achieved in just 6 years, surpassing the number of former star Nasser Al-Shamrani, who owned in He had 126 goals, which he achieved during his 15-year career.

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