Strandberg’s hat-trick leads Abha team to beat Al Ain

Abha team defeated Al-Ain, 4-2, in the match that was held at King Saud Sports City Stadium, Al-Baha, in southern Saudi Arabia.

Abha’s score rose to 14 points in ninth place after the victory, while Al Ain’s balance stuck at 10 points, in 15th.

Al-Ain scored his goals for Khoanbi in the 22nd minute, and Teherat in his own net in the 68th minute, and Strandberg gave Abha team a victory by scoring 3 hat-trick goals in the match in the 31st, 82 and 90th minutes, and Riyad Sharahili, in the 57th minute.

In the second meeting, Al-Fateh team succeeded in defeating its host Damak, 2-1, in Asir, southern Saudi Arabia, in the 11th week of the Saudi Professional League matches.

And the balance of Al Fateh rose to 16 points, in sixth place, and your credit stuck at point 8 in the last place.

Al-Fateh’s goals were scored by Murad Patna from a penalty kick in the 25th minute, and Michel T. Freddy in the 48th minute, while Damak’s goal came through Mansour Hamzi in the 54th minute.

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