Sereno declares rebellion in the face of Sun Downs and insists on joining Al-Ahly’s ranks

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In the first reaction by Uruguayan winger Gaston Sereno, to the failure of his transfer to Al-Ahly club, the player decided to continue to boycott training and not attend the headquarters of the South African Sun Downs club.

Sun Downs issued an official statement confirming the failure of the negotiations to transfer Gaston Sereno to Al-Ahly due to the financial offer that was not accepted by the club’s management, which insisted on obtaining a large sum, in exchange for the approval of the Uruguayan wing to move to the ranks of the African Champions League.

In its official statement, the South African club called on Gaston Sereno to focus on his work with the team, which angered the Uruguayan player, who had submitted an official request to leave his South African club during the summer Mercato.

Al-Ahly had sent an official offer last Friday, to include Sereno in exchange for a sum of $ 2.5 million, in order for the South African club to respond with a request for $ 5 million, which was rejected by the Cairo team, especially in light of the current conditions, and the circumstances of the outbreak of the Coronavirus and all affected Sports institutions have implications for this.

Sun Downs returned to collective training after the Christmas holidays and invited all players to come to the club’s headquarters and attend training, but the player disagreed, and refused to attend, declaring disobedience in the face of his club management, demanding approval of his departure as soon as possible.

Al-Ahly had requested the joining of Musimane last summer, but the deal was not completed due to Sun Downs’ adherence to his financial demands, while the team’s technical director Pitso Mosimani is looking to offer other alternatives to the club’s management, in order to strengthen its ranks strongly during next January.

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