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Raja board supports Sellami

Raja’s board of directors announced their full support for the team’s head coach Jamal Sellami. 

Raja’s support came after the harsh criticism which the Moroccan coach faced from the media and also some of the club’s fans. 

The club’s President, Rasheed Al Andalusi issued an official statement to provide his full support to Sellami. 

In his statement, Al Andalusi stated that the club has full support and confidence in Sellami. 

Al Andalusi added that Raja’s board of directors disapproved all the unresponsible actions of some of Raja’s fans towards the team head coach. 

On a similar note, Raja are currently coordinating with the Royal Moroccan Football Federation all the procedures related the team’s game against Egypt’s Pyramids FC. 

Raja are keen to find an unbiased stadium to host their game against the Egyptian team, as the Moroccan officials informed Raja that the game can not be held in Morroco amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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