Players compete in the Riyadh derby for the first time

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A number of players appear permanently in derby matches, where this confrontation is the first step towards creativity, and in the Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr match in the Riyadh Derby, a number of players have already appeared in it, such as Salem Al-Dossary, Radoi, and Eduardo in Al-Hilal, and hamadallah and Mrabat in Al-Nasr, where they shined after Distinguish them in the derby. This derby will be of a special nature, despite the difficult circumstances of the two teams due to a large number of injuries and absences, but there are names that will appear on the derby for the first time, and it is expected that they will participate:
 Habib Al-Wattian (Al-Hilal goalkeeper), the goalkeeper of Al-Fateh club, transferred to Al-Hilal in the last summer period.
– Abdullah Al-Jadaani (Al-Hilal goalkeeper), the goalkeeper who moved to Al-Hilal from Al-Wahda after his brilliance with them, and he who used to play in Al-Ahly club previously, and he is competing with Al-Wattayan to participate in the derby due to the injury of Al-Mayouf, the first goalkeeper in Saudi and Al-Hilal.
– Argentine Vietto (center of Al Hilal) Vietto is likely to participate with Al Hilal as the main player for the first time this season, after two matches in which he played less than 15 minutes, and this will be a great opportunity for the player to enter the hearts of Al-Hilal fans, the player who came to replace Eduardo’s absence.
– Ali Lagami (Al-Nasr defender) presented Lagami to victory this season from Al-Fateh club, and he is one of the promising defenders in Saudi football, and this will be his first derby, and he may participate as a substitute for Mado or Maicon.
– Kim (Victory defender) The Korean left-back Kim is considered one of the names that did not appeal to the fans of victory, and that is why the fans count on him to appear well to win the confidence of the crowd, as the derby is the final separation between the player and the fans of the sun.
Ali Al-Hassan (in the middle of Al-Nasr) is one of the deals that cost Al-Nasr Treasury a high amount this season, and Al-Hassan is considered one of the distinguished and promising players.
– Abdul Majeed Al-Sulayhum (in the middle of Al-Nasr) is not a stranger to the derby with Al-Hilal because of his participation with Al-Shabab in the other derby, but he is the first derby that he collected while wearing al-Nassr logo in front of Al-Hilal.
– Argentine pitty Martinez (in the middle of al-Nassr) The victory fans depend a lot on this player after the remarkable levels for him in the last matches of the team, as he led them to victory over Al-Ahly in the King’s Cup and reach the final by making and recording in the meeting that brought the two teams together. It is the name most awaited to al-nassr in the league.

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