Officially, Caf announces the withdrawal of the Egyptian youth team from the match against Libya

Xenia Sports – Cairo

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) decided to consider the Egyptian youth team, withdrawing to the Libyan national team and losing the match by 3-0, in the North African Championship and qualifying for the African Nations Cup for Youth 2021 in Mauritania.

CAF’s decision came, due to the incomplete list of the Egyptian youth team, after 17 players were infected with the new Coronavirus “Covid 19” and there were only 11 players, including two goalkeepers.

The Egyptian Football Association had announced that Rabie Yassin, the coach of the Egyptian youth team, and 17 players had been infected with the Coronavirus, which prevents the youth team from participating in the tournament.

The Egyptian team conducted a second medical scan, and the sample of three players was negative, bringing the number to 14 players, but the CAF regulations stipulate the presence of 11 basic players, in addition to 4 players in reserve, which prevented the meeting.

Attempts had been made to postpone the meeting of the Egyptian youth team against its Libyan counterpart but were rejected by the North African Football Association, which insisted that the meeting be held on schedule.

A state of great sadness prevailed among the Egyptian fans, especially that the youth team was expected to reach the nations of Africa and from there to the 2021 World Cup, especially as it includes a number of prominent names such as Mahmoud Saber, Osama Faisal, Ibrahim Adel, and Hazem Hani, all of whom are key players participating with their teams in the first league, In the Egyptian Premier League, or the First Division.

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