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Official .. Zamalek announces the transfer of Mustafa Mohamed to the Turkish Galatasaray

Zamalek club announced that it had reached an agreement with Turkey’s Galatasaray, to loan striker Mustafa Mohamed for a season and a half.

Essam Salem, a spokesman for Zamalek club, revealed that the club’s management had agreed to loan Mustafa Mohamed for an amount of up to two million dollars for a season and a half.

He added that there is a clause in the contract that will grant Galatasaray club the right to purchase the Zamalek striker contract in exchange for paying 4 million dollars, as the Turkish club has the right to activate the purchase clause before the end of December 2021, and after this date, the condition becomes null if it is not activated by the Turkish club.

Salem explained that Mustafa Muhammad renewed for a season and a half with Zamalek, as compensation for the loan period that he will spend in Galatasaray, indicating that this signature may become worthless if the Galatasaray club management activates the clause of purchasing a contract before December 2021.

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