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Malango and Ziti return to the ranks of Moroccan Raja before facing Ismaily in the Arab Championship

The Congolese, between Malango, the Moroccan striker of the Moroccan club Raja Casablanca, recovered from his infection with the new Coronavirus, before the Ismaili match in the semi-final second leg of the Arab Clubs Championship, which bears the name of Mohammed VI, King of Morocco.

The result of the sample that Malango underwent proved his recovery from the Coronavirus, as he will go today, Sunday, to the city of Marrakesh, in order to join the Raja camp, in preparation for facing the Ismaili in the Arab Championship, which will be held Monday evening on the floor of the Grand Marrakech Stadium.

The Raja Administration has high hopes for achieving a positive result in front of Ismaily and winning the qualification card to the final of the Arab Championship to face the qualified Saudi team, Itjad Jeddah, at the expense of its fellow youth, to win this Arab title, which will revive the club’s treasury, especially in light of the suffocating financial crisis that is underway Including the club’s treasury.

Jamal Salami, the coach of the Raja team, was infected with the Coronavirus, as he will miss the Ismaili meeting, and Hesham Abu Sharwan, the assistant coach in the technical team, will lead the match instead.

Al-Raja had entered a closed camp since last Thursday, as the technical staff seeks to impose a state of focus on the players and preserve the existing group of players, to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus so that no player loses before the Ismaili meeting.

While Abd al-Ilah al-Hafizi will miss that match from the ranks of Raja due to the injury he suffers, while Anis Al-Zaiti, the goalkeeper, has matched his recent injury and is ready to participate in front of Ismaily.

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