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Kahraba Rejoins Al Ahly’s Full Training

Mahmoud Kahraba, Al Ahly’s attacking player, returned back to the team’s full training sessions at El Tetsh Stadium on Sunday after being ruled out for a month due to lack of commitment.

Sayed Abdelhafiz, Al Ahly’s director of football, previously announced that Kahraba apologized to Al Ahly’s football first team for his misbehaving during the last period.

On a similar note,  Ali Maaloul, Al Ahly’s defender, is currently performing his rehabilitation program to recovery from his injury.

Maaloul trained today at the gym, aside from the team’s full training session on Sunday.

Sayed Abdelhafiz, Al Ahly’s director of football, held a short meeting with Maaloul to check on his condition. 

Maaloul was forced to be sidelined from the team due to suffering an injury in his hamstring muscle. 

Moreover, Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, Al Ahly’s head of medical staff, confirmed that Mahmoud Wahid is close to coming back to the team’s training sessions.

Abu Abla added that Wahid is expected to return to the team’s training sessions within the next three weeks after undergoing the necessary medical check-ups.

Also, Dr. Abu Abla added that Mohamed Mahmoud is recovering well from his injury and is about to return to the team’s training sessions.

Abu Abla said that Mahmoud is currently performing the final phase of his recovery program and is expected to join the team’s training sessions within the next three weeks.

Finally,  Abd Abla concluded that Hamdy Fathy, Al Ahly’s midfielder, will undergo a medical check-up on Thursday in order to know how well the player is recovering after undergoing a surgery on his arm.

Abu Abla added that Fathy’s condition is improving; however, the medical check-up will determine the next phase of his recovery program.

Al Ahly’s Hamdy Fathy will slowly take part in the team’s training sessions until he fully recovers from his injury and participate regularly with the team.

The Cairo Giants resumed the training session on Sunday at El Tetsh Stadium, as they are currently preparing for their next game against Simba SC of Tanzania in the last fixture of the CAF Champions League group stage.

The Red Eagles secured their qualification to the CAF Champions League quarter-finals,  following their 2-2 draw against Sudan’s Al Merrikh. 

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