JSK coach opens fire on club management over Niger trip

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A state of anger prevailed within the Algerian team, shabibat Kabylie’s technical staff, due to the difficulties the club is experiencing during the past few days, which forced the national coach Youssef Bouzidi to make angry statements against the club’s management in light of the administrative chaos before traveling to Niger.

Bouzidi said, in statements on Algerian radio, that he is living in a difficult time due to not being well prepared to face the Chlef Association in the Algerian League, and then facing Niger’s Gendarmerie Club in the Confederation Championship, as a result of administrative confusion.

Despite not being well prepared for that match, JS Kabylie defeated AS Chlef with two clean goals in the fourth round of the Algerian League, to achieve its first victory this season, but despite this, the coach came out angry after the match.

Bouzidi explained that despite the victory over the Chlef Association, but he wanted to fight it earlier, in order to travel to Niger early, in order to restore the players to their fitness before facing the Confederation.

He pointed out that his plan to travel to Niger was reviewed three times, and it was supposed to travel with the ES Setif mission, which would travel to Chad on a private plane, but he was informed that the team would fly to Casablanca, Morocco and stay there 8 hours before traveling to Niamey, the capital of Niger, He emphasized that the victims in these circumstances are the coach and the players.

Bouzidi stressed his full confidence in returning with a positive result from the match that will be held at the General Cine Conchi Stadium, on Tuesday, December 22nd.

This match will be managed by a Nigerian referee team led by Kadri Ullaladi Adebembe, with the help of Abdelmadjid Ulayidi and Peter Ijiji Ogwu. The fourth referee is Saliso Bashir.

The youth, who are returning to continental competition after an absence of five years, were exempted from the preliminary round meetings, and the same is the case for ES Setif, Algeria’s other representative in the Confederation Cup.

The home game will take place at the stadium on November 1, in Tizi Ouzou, on January 5 or 6.

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