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Ittihad facing Al-Shabab in semi final of Arabs cup

Xenia Sports – Saudi Arabia 

Arabs champions cup will resume on Wednesday evening with a match between the two teams, al-Shabab vs al-Ittihad in Riyadh, in the semi-finals.

The Arab Football Federation (AFA) has scheduled the first leg of the match between al-Shabab and al-Ittihad, with the return match to be held in Jeddah on January 4th, at the penultimate stage of the Arab Championship, which will conclude soon in Rabat, Morocco.

Each team will seek to achieve a positive result, giving him an advantage before the second leg, where the qualifier will meet with the qualifier from the next second leg of the Moroccan Raja Casablanca and Egyptian club Ismaili teams in the final match of the championship, where al-Shabab is strengthened with a group of new professional names, most notably Argentine Iver Panega and Saudi international player Nawaf Al-Abed, along with Christian Guanka, Alfred Ndiaye, Makiti Diop, Hussein Al-Qahtani, Abdullah Al-Shaikh, Igor and young striker Abdullah Al Hamdan, under the leadership of Portuguese coach Pedro Caixinha.

On the other hand, al-Ittihad Team Also has a distinguished group of players with Brazilian coach Fabio Carrilli, most notably Egyptian Ahmed Hijazi and Omar Housawi, goalkeeper Marcelo Grohe with Bregovic and Gary Rodríguez and Brazilian striker Romario de Silva, along with The Saudi international striker, Fahad Al-Muwalad.

Al-Shabab and al-Ittihad, have a great association with the Arab Football Federation championships in various names, al-Shabab achieved the Arab Champions League twice in 1992 and 1999, and also achieved the Arab Elite Championships in 1995 and 2000, while al-Ittihad achieved the Arab Champions League championship in 2005.

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