Handball World Cup: The match between Germany and Cape Verde has been canceled due to the Coronavirus

The Competitions Committee of the International Handball Federation decided to cancel the match between Germany and Cape Verde in Group A in the World Cup tournament currently held in Cairo, due to the emergence of cases infected with Coronavirus in the African team.

According to the tournament regulations, any team must have 10 players, including a goalkeeper, to play in the match, which does not apply to the Cape Verde team, which has only 9 players. Since the results of the analysis take 48 hours, and that each player needs two consecutive negative PCR analyzes, and since one of the players got a negative result on Saturday, he can participate against Uruguay with the condition that he gets a negative result in the analysis tomorrow, Monday.

And the Competitions Committee confirmed that the match was canceled with the result being calculated, Germany’s victory over Cape Verde, 10-0, with two points.

According to the regulations of the World Handball Cup, which is related to Corona, the absence of any team from 3 matches will mean its exclusion from the tournament.

The match between Uruguay and Cape Verde will remain on schedule, in the event that Cape Verde is able to fulfill the conditions and abide by the regulations, as the Cape Verde Federation pledged that it would bring other players to participate against Uruguay from the reserve list, with the condition that their analyzes be negative before participating.

On Friday, Cape Verde lost its first World Cup match against Hungary, 27-34.

It is worth noting that the Cape Verde team recorded its first participation in the World Handball World Cup, which prompted them to celebrate and dance after the match against Hungary, despite the loss.

In addition to the Cape Verde national team, Group A includes Germany, Hungary, and Uruguay.

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