Handball World Cup: Egypt offers a heroic match and loses against Denmark with penalty throws

The Egyptian national team bid farewell to the World Handball Championship, after losing by penalties to Denmark, after a 35-35 draw with its rival Denmark team, during the match that brought them together today, Wednesday, in the covered hall of the Cairo International Stadium, in the quarter-finals of the Handball World Cup that is currently being held in Egypt. After referring to an extra time of 10 minutes each time and penalties, after the end of the original match time in a 28-28 draw, and then 34-34 in extra time.

The clear superiority of the Egyptian national team appeared from the first minute of the match, and their complete control in all events, despite the great difference in capabilities with the opponent, as the Danish team finished the first half with a score of 16-13.

In the second half, the Pharaohs continued their distinguished performance, while the opponent played with all his strength in order to achieve victory and qualify, but the Egyptian team performed an amazing performance to end the match with a score of 28-28, and in overtime the Pharaohs continued to shine and steadfast, to tie at the last moment after calculating the throw Penalty through the VAR.

The Egyptian national team players were able to advance in the result during the second extra time, with the dismissal of the star of the Denmark national team, “Hansen”, to make the Pharaohs shine strongly, and goalkeeper Mohamed Essam Al-Tayyar succeeded in countering a penalty throws in the dead time.

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