Handball World Cup: Egypt beat Chile at the opening of the tournament


The Egyptian handball
team beat its Chilean national team, with a score of 35-29, in the first round
match of Group Seven of the World Championship competitions, which was held at
the main hall in Cairo Stadium

And absent from the
Egyptian national team, Ahmed Al-Ahmar, the captain of the team, due to injury,
in addition to Islam Hassan, Abdel-Rahman Faisal, Abdel-Rahman Hamid, and Ahmed
Hisham Sisse, from the meeting

The first half witnessed clear control of the Egyptian national team, and Spanish coach Garcia Barndo
relied on advanced defense in a six-zero manner. Barndo preferred the rotation
system on the field throughout the events of the meeting between all the
players, with the exception of Karim Hindawi, who remained in the goalkeeper
throughout the half, to end with the Pharaohs leading 18-11

In the second half, the
Spanish coach pushed Mohamed Essam Al-Tayyar into the goalkeeper and the
Pharaohs continued their advance and control of La Laka, with the Chilean
national team player Frigg getting a red card to leave the pitch immediately

Barondo, the Egyptian
national team coach insisted on pushing the young players and youngsters
during the match. Saif Al-Daraa and Mohsen Ramadan participated from the young
generation who won the world gold, while Ahmed Hisham “Dudu” and
Hassan Kaddah participated

The Pharaohs continued to
control the meeting, with the rotation policy adopted by the Spanish coach
inside the stadium lines, whether back or front, until the match, ended with the
Egyptian national team winning the first match in the championship

Yahya Al-Daraa, the
Egyptian national team player won the best player award during the opening

It is scheduled that Egypt will meet its
Macedonian counterpart next Saturday in the second round match of Group Seven
of the World Championship.

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