Halilhodžić is looking for new talents in Morocco’s youth, and watching Nabil Touizi

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Bosnian Vahid Halilhodžić, coach of the Moroccan national team, is searching for talent in the Atlas Lions youth team, which is currently participating in the North African Championship in Tunisia, which qualifies for the 2021 African Nations Cup champion.

Halilhodžić delivered a mini-list to a member of his technical staff in charge of video analysis, to follow up on the performance of some young players, as he watched some of the most prominent players in the ranks of the reserve team Espanyol, Nabil Touizi in particular after he was called once to represent the Moroccan senior team before the camp was canceled Because of the repercussions of the spread of the “Corona” virus.

The Moroccan coach seeks to take advantage of the lack of international confrontations until the beginning of 2021, to search for distinguished players, to give them the opportunity in the upcoming camps, whether from the ranks of the youth team that is in the midst of the North African Championship or from the local people who are coming to participate in the African Cup for this category. 2021 “.

The Moroccan Football Association, in coordination with the “Atlas Lions” coach, had authorized Moussa Habashi, in charge of analyzing the performance via “video”, to join the youth team in Tunisia, in order to put his experience at the disposal of the group during the activities of the North African League, which Morocco is betting to finish qualifying To CAN after the Moroccan youth team had been absent from the continental competition for this category for 15 years.

Moussa al-Habashi previously held a position with the first Belgian national team during the World Cup “Russia 2018”, in addition to sporadic experiences in Dutch clubs, before Haliloi clung to joining his staff since he took over the task of supervising the “Atlas Lions” nearly a year ago.

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