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Final of the century .. Musimane is preparing the strike force of Al-Ahly to face Zamalek defense

Xenia sports – Cairo 
Ali Rady 
Al-Ahly club is preparing for a historic match against Zamalek on Friday, in the final of the African Champions League, which is the tournament that fans of the red jersey seek to crown after it has been absent from the tournament coffers in the Red Castle since 2013.
South African coach Pitso Musimane, Al-Ahly coach, began preparing for that match, as he entered a closed camp last Sunday, in order to impose a state of focus on all players, and to prevent the further infection of the emerging Coronavirus “Covid 19”.
A number of Al-Ahly players were affected by the Corona pandemic, and they are Walid Suleiman and Mahmoud Abdel Moneim “Kahraba”, who are on the African list, and three new players, Ahmed Yasser Rayan, Mohamed Sharif, and finally Ahmed Ramadan “Beckham”.
In the following report, we reveal the most important weapons of Pitso Mosimane to face Zamalek in the final match, which some have called the “final of the century” due to the anticipated excitement, as this confrontation will have a great international, Arab and African follow-up.
Musimani relies on the offensive launches of the duo, Mohamed Hani on the right side, and Ali Maaloul on the left, but there is a big crisis represented in the empty spaces behind the two, which will force the coach to keep both Aliyu Diang or Amr Al-Sulaia in the middle of the field if someone advances the parties.
The second matter that Musimani relies upon that match is closing the keys to playing against Zamalek, especially the dangerous trio, Ashraf Bencharki, Mustafa Mohamed, and Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, as the three players will be subject to close supervision by Al-Ahly’s defenders.
Musimani also instructed Junior Ajay and Hussein Al-Shahat to return to support the two backs, in case Zamalek possesses the ball.
One of the most important weapons of Musimani in that match is relying on crosses and possession of the length of the stadium, so he will try to get Zamalek out of his half of his stadium, under the plan of Portuguese Jaime Pacheco to rely on the counterattack and resort to defense in most matches.
The Al-Ahly coach relies on the double of Amr Al-Soulia and aliou Diang, as the first is characterized by performing the offensive aspects well, while the second plays in the midfield and will have clear and explicit instructions to perform the defensive duty and support the backs.
The most important thing that Musimani depends on is to pay from outside the penalty area, which is the advantage that Amr Al-Soliya, Mohamed Magdy “Afsha” and Hussein Al-Shahat possess.
The match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek will not be easy at all, in light of its possession of distinguished players, some of whom have shined remarkably recently, and the fans belonging to the Red Giant have become in a state of great anxiety for fear of losing the dream of the African title.

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