Ever Banega Best Player in Saudi League in October

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The technical team of the Saudi Professional League, the Belgian Yannick Ferreira, the coach of Al-Fateh club, the Argentine Ever Banega, the player of Al-Shabab club, and Abdullah Al-Mayouf, the goalkeeper of Al-Hilal club, for the October Preference award in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League, while Saud Abdul Hamid, the player of Al-Ittihad club, won the first awards For promising players.

Coach Ferreira was selected for the Best Coach Award, compared to the levels presented by Al-Fateh team during the past three rounds, which gave his team the top of the table with seven points, outperforming Al-Hilal, Al-Faisali, and Al-Shabab respectively, while the great levels presented by the Argentine star Banega with his youth club contributed to his selection. For the preference award at the level of players, while Abdullah Al-Mayouf won the best goalkeeper award during the month after he managed to protect his team’s goal during the last three rounds, which resulted in a single goal in his net and keeping his nets clean in two of the three meetings that the team fought. So far, while the technical team of the League has chosen Saud Abdel Hamid, the player of Al-Ittihad, for the Best Promising Player award, compared to the levels he presented with his club during the past rounds compared to the promising local players.

In mid-October, the League announced the continuation of its monthly awards for the best coach, player, and goalkeeper for the third consecutive season in the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Professional Cup League competition, with the addition of a fourth prize for the best promising player, provided that the technical team, which includes: Khaled Al-Qarouni, will be added. Turki Al-Sultan, Sultan Al-Lihyani, Khaled Al-Shanif, and Youssef Al-Ghadeer selected the award winners, according to a number of technical criteria for each award that had been previously announced and the statistics provided by Opta, the statistical partner of the association.

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