Crises hit Zamalek .. Ferjani warns the club to terminate the contract, and Mustafa Mohamed refuses to stay

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Zamalek club entered into a cycle of crises, in light of the players’ demands for their late financial dues, and the inability of the committee in charge of managing the club to meet the financial salaries of all players of the first football team.

Tunisian Ferjani Sassi, the Zamalek midfielder, objected to the delay in his financial dues, and left the team’s morning training, Friday, in light of the club’s management inability to pay his financial dues, which amount to one million euros, which he had not received since last season.

Sources stated that Ferjani Sassi issued a warning to Zamalek club, in case he did not get his salaries during the next week, he will be forced to unilaterally cancel the contract, and his agent also sent an official letter to the Egyptian Football Association, in order to inform them of not receiving his dues.

Meanwhile, the official website of the Zamalek club came out, to confirm that Ferjani left for group training under the leadership of Jaime Pacheco, due to a knee bruise, which was not accepted by many fans of the White Club, who attacked the Tunisian player through social networking sites.

Zamalek club also suffered another crisis, in light of the young striker Mustafa Mohamed refusing to stay inside the club, after he received an offer from the French club Nantes to sign him during the Mercato winter, which will start in a few days.

Mostafa Mohamed refused all attempts by the committee in charge of managing the club to keep him within the ranks of Zamalek until the end of the current season, where the player made a decision to leave next January, after receiving a strong offer from Nantes, France.

Zamalek officials adhere to Mustafa Mohamed’s survival, with the amendment of his contract, in addition to making a promise to the player to agree to his departure next summer, after the Tokyo Olympics.

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