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Coronado’s agent denies entering into a swap deal between Sharjah and Al Hilal

Some reports have circulated during the past hours, news of the desire of Brazilian Igor Coronado, the Emirati player of Sharjah, to leave his club’s ranks during the current winter transfer period.

“We are very surprised by the rumors related to Uighur, and we are happy in Sharjah,” Desi Brandino, the agent of Coronado, made angry statements about the news, and said through her account on the social networking site “Instagram”.

Brandino denied the rumored talk about Kornado’s transfer to Al-Hilal Saudi Arabia in a swap deal after news emerged that the two clubs are negotiating that Kornado will go to Riyadh Blue and professional go to Sharjah, which was denied by the player’s agent.

Coronado has an extended contract with Sharjah until 2023 after his contract was renewed last October with the improvement of his salary, in an attempt to manage the football company in the club to keep the influential player for the longest possible period, especially as it is one of the most important elements that the Sharjah team depends on completely.

Coronado had joined Sharjah in the 2018-2019 season from the Italian club Palermo, and his contract includes a penalty clause of 20 million euros.

The Brazilian contributed to Sharjah’s return to the coronation podiums after an absence of more than 23 years in which the king did not taste the taste of winning the Arab Gulf League title, and now he also contributes, with his colleagues, to maintaining Sharjah’s lead in the league in preparation for retaining their previous title in the professional league.

Coronado scored two goals for Sharjah and made the third in the King’s match on Saturday night with Fujairah, which concluded with three goals for two, in the 14th round of the Arab Gulf League matches.

The Brazilian raised his goal tally in the current season 2020-2021, to 11 square goals on top of the league’s top scorer, equally with his teammate and compatriot Wilton Suarez, who has the same balance of goals.

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