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CAF gives Moroccan Wydad 24 hours period to choose a stadium in a neutral country to hold the match against Kaizer chiefs

decides to hold the scheduled match between Moroccan Wydad and South African
Kaizer Chiefs team in a neutral country after the Moroccan authorities refused to
allow the South African team delegation to enter the Moroccan territories
fearing the spread of the new Corona strain from South Africa.

gives the Moroccan team a 24-hour period to determine the neutral country to host
the match between 16 and 20 of this month, and also held the Moroccan team the responsibility
for obtaining permission to enter the neutral country for the South African
team and if Wydad failed to meet the CAF demands, the match will be considered
a withdrawal by the Moroccan team, and Kaizer Chiefs will be considered a
winner with 2 –nil.

Moroccan team and its South African competent are participating in the group
stage in Group C, along with the Angolan Houria, Petro Atlético, and Ghanian
Huria which leads the group after beating their Angolan competent  in the first round with 2- nil. 

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