Belmadi is seeking a new Algerian talent to support the desert warriors

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Algeria’s coach, Djamel Belmadi, is making strong attempts to persuade Amine Gueri, the striker of Nice, to join the ranks of the desert warriors, during the coming period, especially with the distinguished levels presented by the player during the current period.

Belmadi hopes to persuade Amine Gueri, nicknamed “the new Benzema”, to join the Algerian national team, as Algerian football officials seek to convince the talented player to represent the Greens at the international level during the upcoming confrontations.

Amine Gueri, 20, has participated with Nice in 20 matches in various competitions since the beginning of the current season, during which he managed to score 9 goals and make three goals, to become one of the most prominent players in French football during the last period.

The striker, who also holds French nationality, previously represented the French youth team during the last period, but Algeria coach Jamal Belmadi did not lose hope in using his efforts during the coming period, especially in light of the need for a strong player in the front line, in light of the decline in Baghdad Bungah levels and the progress of Islam Suleimani is old.

Belmadi contacted striker Amine Gueri personally to persuade him to join the Algerian national team and promised him to play mainly, especially as he wanted to create a strong team to control African football and qualify for the World Cup, which will help him in his professional career.

Algeria coach Gueri also promised that he would make him a global striker, and he would also help him join the biggest leagues in the world, especially as he believed in his great talent at the offensive level.

Belmadi also asked Amin Gueri to settle his position clearly and quickly, and not to waste more time on him, especially that in the event of his procrastination, he will head towards other options, which he will take out of his technical accounts.

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