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Ayman Hefni signs his move to Zamalek for 6 months … and a crisis due to Bassem Morsi

The Portuguese coach, Jamie Pacheco, coach of the Zamalek team, agreed to the return of Ayman Hefni, the former team player after the player made statements on his account on the social networking site “Facebook”, through which he appealed to club officials, to return him for a short period, in order to retire from the white jersey.

Hefni signed contracts to join the ranks of Zamalek for a period of six months, starting this January, after obtaining the approval of Jaime Pacheco and the tripartite committee in charge of managing the club.

Ayman Hefni had held a session with the club officials two days ago to discuss the issue of his return and the matter was presented to the coach, who informed the management of his agreement to the player’s return to sign Hefni’s transfer contracts to the white team today for a period of six months.

Meanwhile, Mustafa Muhammad bade farewell to his fellow players and the coaching staff, before traveling to Turkey to experience the professional experience of the Turkish Galatasaray club.

The player also gathered a lengthy conversation with the technical staff led by the Portuguese coach Jaime Pacheco, as well as Medhat Abdul Hadi, the general coach, who transferred to him many experiences during his presence as a player in the Turkish league.

The committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club headed by General Counselor Imad Abdel Aziz Hilmi had agreed to the player’s professionalism in the Turkish club on loan for a season and a half.

On the other hand, a source inside Zamalek revealed the position regarding contracting with Bassem Morsi, the military production striker, confirming that Jaime Pacheco had contacted Basem Morsi in the past days and talked with him about joining the team and informed him of his strong desire to sign him.

The source pointed out that Bassem Morsi spoke with the military production officials and obtained their approval for his departure to Zamalek and their no objection to the matter, indicating that the player has some other attractive offers in his pocket with a higher material value than he will get in Zamalek, including from the National Bank club in addition to Ismaili.

The source pointed out that the only obstacle to the completion of the deal now is one of the officials of Zamalek club, who refuses to contract with Basem Morsi and considers it a profitable deal for the team and prefers to contract with another striker as his replacement, stressing that this official is trying to convince the Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, technical director of the team and management not to Contracting with Bassem Morsi and postponing the decision on the deal until the end of the current season.

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