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Anis Al-Badri passes the medical examination and signs his transfer contracts to Tunisia’s Esperance within hours

Anis Al-Badri, a player of the former Saudi Ittihad Jeddah team, has passed the medical tests he underwent, in preparation for officially joining the ranks of Esperance Sports, during the current winter transfers, as he will sign official contracts in the coming hours.

The negotiations between Esperance and Anis Al-Badri had reached advanced stages, especially in light of the player’s desire to return to his club, with whom he starred previously.

Al-Badri arrived Sunday evening in Tunis, and underwent a medical examination today, Monday, as he preferred to return to Esperance, and rejected offers from the Wydad Casablanca Club of Morocco and Ismaili.

Al-Badri is one of the Arab talents who has worked in several clubs, most notably in Belgium with Muscron Perfumes, before moving to Tunisia’s Esperance in 2016, to then go to experience at the Saudi Al-Ittihad club.

Anis Al-Badri will lead Esperance in the African Champions League after the two clubs were drawn into Group D with the Egyptian clubs Zamalek, Mouloudia Algeria, and Senegalese Toungit.

The Saudi Jeddah Federation granted Anis Al-Badri the signal to leave the dean during the current summer transfer period at the end of last September.

Anis Al-Badri had moved to the Saudi Federation of Jeddah from Tunisia’s Esperance in January 2020 for two and a half seasons, but the player did not provide the desired level, so the dean’s management decided to formally dispense with his services.

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