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Al Wehda’s champions league dream set to end

Al Wehda failed to qualify to the AFC Champions League group stage after they lost to Iraqi Al Qwat Al Gawya 3-2 on penalties.

In the 24th minute, Al Wehda’s Y.Niakate breaks the deadlock to give his team the early lead.

The game went on and Al Qwat Al Gawya tried to equalize, but Al Wehda stood their ground and managed to block all the attempts away from their net.

In the dying minutes of the game, Al Qwat Al Gawya upped their pressure and managed to equalize, thanks to Ahmed Hussien’a effort from a range.

The referee needed the extra time to announce a winner, but neither of the teams manages to net the winner. 

The game went to penalties and Al Qwat Al Gawya secured their spot in the AFC Champions League group stage after beating Al Wehda 3-2 on penalties. 

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